Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Deepawali Sweets - Mysorepak - Gram Flour Fudge

Deepawali Sweets - Mysorepak
Gram Flour Fudge

The mouth watering sweet which originated in the Maharaja’s kitchen at the Mysore Palace has become a very popular sweet by finding its way into the neighbouring states as well. They may be crunchy at some places, or soft as halwa in other places; they may be dripping with ghee in one kitchen, or bone dry at another. Whatever the texture may be, the charisma of Mysorepak never diminishes. Here is my version of Mysorepak picked up from my mother’s kitchen at Mysore.

Besan (Bengal gram flour)- 1 Cup

Sugar – 3 cups
Ghee – ¾ cup
Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp

1. Boil sugar with 3 cups of water, removing the scum which accumulates at the sides of the pan.

2. When the sugar syrup reaches the one string consistency (also called soft ball stage) blend in the turmeric powder.

3. Add the ghee and wait until it melts in the syrup giving out a pleasant aroma.

4. Add the besan gradually into the syrup stirring all the time.

5. Stir well so that no lumps are formed.
6. Keep stirring till the besan foams and starts to leave the sides of the pan.
7. You can see the sugar drying up leaving a coat around the wall of the pan.

8. At this stage remove from flame and pour it on a greased plate.

9. Gently shake the plate for even distribution, as the Mysorepak will not spread by itself and it will set instantaneously.

10. Mark with a sharp knife while still warm and cut the pieces after it cools.

Enjoy the Mysorepak as it melts in your mouth with its distinctive flavour.

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S.R.Ramachandran said...

really a mouth watering dish. enjoyed tasting it. appa

YOSEE said...

I wouldn't dare try making Mysore Pak lest i end up with a "paper weight" !....remembered the smell of M.Pak cooking in Amma's kitchen as i read this .

Suganya said...

This is my husband's all time fav. Looks so good. Will try it soon. YUM!

Dibs said...

Yosee - haha ...sugar consistency is sooooooo important no? Making a few paper weights while attempting to get the 'melt in the mouth mpak' is all part of the game :-))

Lakshmi said...

Could you parcel me a dabba full of M.Pak to me? I got soo very tempted to eat them..Happy Deepavali to you and family.

gtyuk said...

I love mysorepaks too, the ghee flavor while doing it, you can smell through the whole street :)