Friday, October 29, 2010

Ashoka Halwa - Wheat flour and Green gram sweet


 ' Without grief ' - That is the exact meaning of the word Ashoka. Ashoka Halwa or Happy Halwa is a festive sweet and is very popular in Tamil Nadu. It is a very simple and nutritious halwa which can be shared with the near and dear ones on the happy occassion of Deepavali.

Wheat flour - 1 glass ( Which can hold 250 ml of liquid)
Green gram dal ( lightly dry roasted) - 1 glass
Sugar - 2 1/4 glass
Ghee - 12 tbsps
Cardamom powder - 1 pinch
Raisins - 50 gms
Cashew nuts - 50 gms
1. Heat three tbsps of ghee in a heavy bottomed pan.
2. Add wheat flour and roast till it emanates a pleasant aroma.

3. The wheat flour should look like cream and not dry when roasted. Use more ghee, if needed, to get the creamy consistency. Switch off flame and keep aside.

4. Wash and pressure cook dry roasted green gram dal with 2 1/2 cups of water. The dal should be well cooked and mushy.
5. Mash the cooked dal well and add it to the creamy wheat flour.

6. Cook dal and wheat flour together blending with a spatula.
7. Add sugar and keep stirring till the sugar melts and blends with the dal and wheat flour mixture.
8. As it starts thickening keep adding ghee little by little stirring all the time.
9. Cook till the mass leaves the sides of the pan and starts looking like custard.
10. Blend in cardamom powder.
11. Pour on a greased plate and level with a greased spatula.
12. Fry cashew nuts and raisins in 1 tbsp of ghee and pour all over the halwa.

Scoop out the halwa with a spoon when still warm and relish the flavoursome treat. When cold you can cut them into desired shapes and sizes. But do not forget to top the cold piece with a speck of ghee and microwave before you relish the halwa. Find yourself slipping into a happy trance as the Ashoka Halwa slides over your taste buds.

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YOSEE said...

I like that name , Griefless ! I'm sure all grief will fly out of the window if a spoonful of this delish. halwa slides over the tongue !

Nithya said...

Looks absolutely yummy :) delicious :)

Priya Suresh said...

Very inviting ashoka halwa..yummm!

Unknown said...

Halwa looks delicious. Perfect for the festive season!

daphne said...

unique name but very delicious treat that gives you a blast. Makes me hungry=(