Friday, August 19, 2011

Five Favourites Of Sri Krishna For Janmaashtami - Shatti Thair - Pot Of Curd

Baby Krishna's heart is like a ball of butter. It melts for his devotees.
The devotees know no greater joy than feeding the divine baby a pot of freshly set curd.
Here is a method to set a fresh and thick shatti thair ( curd set in a clay pot ) to celebrate the birthday of the very special Baby.



Whole milk - 1 lit
Curd - 1 tsp
Saffron strands - a few
Pistachios - For topping
Sugar - For topping
Clay pot - 1
1. Boil whole milk in a big vessel so that the milk does not over flow.


2. Keep stirring now and then and boil the milk for at least 5 minutes and then switch off flame.
3. Wash the clay pot thoroughly and fill it up with hot water.
4. Allow the milk to cool down until it becomes lukewarm or a little more warm if the day is cold.
5. Take a teaspoon of curd in a ladle and stir it into the warm milk.


6. Stir vigoursly till the culture blends well with the milk.
7. Empty out the hot water from the clay pot and pour the milk gently into the warm pot.


8. Cover with a lid and leave it near the stove over night.
9. Early next morning gently move the pot into the refrigerator.


Fresh thick Shatti Thair is ready for the evening pooja.


1.Add a few strands of saffron to the hot milk as soon as you switch off flame.
2. When it becomes lukewarm introduce the curd culture as said before.
3. Pour the milk into individual katories ( bowls ) and cover each bowl with a small lid.
4. Leave them near the stove to set overnight.


5. Refrigerate in the morning.
6. Top the special curd in each bowl with pistachios and a sprinkle of sugar just before offering it to Baby Krishna.


Enjoy the Special Curd prasaadam with family and friends.

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Priya Suresh said...

Woww excellent post..

Lakshmi said...

That potful of thair would definitely win anyone's heart. Looks yummy with pista and saffron

Anonymous said...

Dibbs - u ready to fight over that pot like old times :)?

A. Ram