Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ONAM SPECIAL 2012 - Appalam Thair Pachchadi - Papadum In Spicy Curd



 A lot of time, a lot of patience and a little bit of innovative mind are the accessories required to prepare an elaborate festive meal. While sweets, chips and pickles are usually prepared beforehand to save time, side dishes like appalams, fruit salads and pachchadis are reserved as the last minute items to be prepared. Appalam Thair Pachchadi is one such last minute side dish usually prepared in a hurry. The innovative cook grabs a few fried appalams. Crushes them, and mixes them with curds and a portion of the unused coconut paste prepared for the Koottucurry. There! An instant and delicious Appalam Thair Pachchadi is ready, as the banana leaves are being spread out for the feast! 
 Here is a recipe for a delicious Appalam Thair Pachchadi with a simple makeover using a few extra ingredients.


Fried Appalams - 2 
Thick Curds - 1 cup 
 Finely chopped tomato - 1 
 Salt - 1/4 tsp 
Coconut gratings - 2 tbsps 
Green chillies - 1 
Fresh ginger - 1" piece 
Fresh coriander leaves ( chopped )- 2 tbsps 
Coconut oil - 1 tsp 
Mustard seeds - 1 pinch 


1. Wash and chop tomato finely. 
2. Grind coconut gratings, green chilly, salt, fresh ginger and fresh coriander leaves into a smooth paste. 
3. Combine the coconut paste, tomatoes and the curd gently. 

4. Heat the oil, splutter the mustard seeds and pour over the pachchadi. 

5. Crush the fried appalams and mix into the pachchadi just before serving. 

Enjoy the crunchy Appalam Thair Pachchadi with the rest of the Onam Sadya delicacies.

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Chitra said...

wow , its very nice..new to me.will try for sure..

Leelagovind said...

i prepared it for today's lunch..it was a good accompaniment to meals..thanks for sharing..

Priya said...

Very interesting and yummy pachadi.

Srimathi said...

I would like this thair pachidi. Big fan of crunchy texture in my food. i usually crush the appalam in my curd rice and enjoy it. The addition of coconut only makes it better.