Thursday, May 9, 2013

Banana Ice Cream


 I never believed that an ice cream could be prepared instantly, that too using only one ingredient, until I tried it out myself. D2 and I had our fingers crossed while the blender was on and we were stunned to see the scoop which materialized within a few minutes. I was as excited as D2 when we tasted the magical instant Banana Ice Cream which was delicious, soft and creamy!

Ripe bananas ( Frozen) 
1. Freeze the bananas until they become hard.  
2. Peel and dice the frozen bananas using a sturdy knife. 
3. Add a squeeze of lime to the diced bananas to prevent blackening. 
4. I did not use sugar since I used the  Rasa Bale variety of  bananas which are very sweet by themselves. You may add sugar, a spoon of honey or date syrup according to your requirement. 
5. Immediately blend the banana slices before they thaw, till the blend comes together into a smooth and creamy scoop of ice cream. 
Blend in small quantities so that the blender does not get over heated because of the hard frozen bananas. You can blend a spoon of mango pulp with the bananas for a delicious mango flavoured banana ice cream. Enjoy the delicious Instant Banana Ice Cream fresh from the blender. 

 D2 decorated the scoop of fresh BANANA ICE CREAM with a date stuffed with an almond. 

A few saffron strands looked beautiful on the Mango flavoured Banana Ice Cream.

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Very healthy recipe for hot summer.