Friday, June 6, 2014

Papaya Milk Shake With Kasturi Seeds / Sabja seeds


Never did we realize in our childhood that we were sitting with a great live treasure at the bottom of our garden ! A treasure which held within a wealth known as health! A treasure which held within numerous medicinal properties ! Yes ! The treasure was a huge Papaya tree at the bottom of our garden ! Except for a few raw papayas which we used for curries and koottus, and one or two ripe ones which we relished occasionally , most of the fruits  were left on the tree to entertain our winged friends - the barbets and the crows.  After all these years having learnt to appreciate the value of the invaluable Papaya we have started including it in our  breakfast regularly .  
Today's papaya was ripe, luscious and very sweet. Hence we had Papaya milkshake as our breakfast dessert. Since I had a supply of Kasturi seeds / Sabja seeds ( seeds of Basil ) in my pantry I decided to add it to the milkshake for its cooling property.

Ripe and sweet Papaya ( peeled , cubed and chilled ) - 1 cup
Cold milk - 2 cups
Kasturi seeds / Sabja seeds - 1 tbsp

 ( Soak the Kasturi seeds / Sabja seeds in one cup of water for half an hour. When the sesame size seeds bloat up and become gelatinous,  top any cool  drink with the jelly like seeds. ) 
1. Blend the chilled papaya cubes with chilled milk till smooth.

2. Add more chilled milk if the consistency is too thick. 
3. Pour into a tall glass and top with soaked Kasturi seeds / Sabja seeds. 
Relish the Papaya Milkshake with the Kasturi / Sabja topping and enjoy the cool bliss.  

The milkshake will taste excellent without added sugar if the papaya is really very sweet. Vanilla essence or cardamom powder can be added if required. Store the Papaya cubes and
milk separately in the refrigerator and blend as and when required. Papaya milkshake tastes best when fresh. 

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kitchen queen said...

refreshing and healthy milk shake.

Hari Chandana said...

very healthy combination.. looks great!

GreenComotion said...

I haven't seen a recipe with kasthuri seeds in it, in a very long time. Sounds delicious.
Peace :)