Friday, September 5, 2014

Parippu Pradhaman - Lentil And Coconut Milk Porridge


  Paruppu payasam or lentil porridge is the first dish to be served in any festive South Indian   lunch on the right hand corner of a banana leaf. Then it is served again after the rice and rasam course. A connoisseur of food or a foodie to be precise, always loves to  enjoy the Payasam / Pradhaman as a dessert at the end of the meal.  Ona Sadya ( Onam Feast ) is a very special occasion where twenty six delicious dishes are served on a large banana leaf.  It includes three varieties of sweets and  Parippu Pradhaman / Paruppu Payasam is one among them. Scooping out Parippu Pradhaman  from the leaf  using your hand, and slurping it contentedly  is in itself a deliciously joyous  experience !

Split green gram dal / Cherupayar ( Parippu ) / Moong dal - 1 cup
Powdered jaggery - 1 cup
Thick coconut milk - 1 cup
Thin coconut milk - 2 cups
 Fresh coconut pieces - 1 tbsp
 Cashew nuts - a few
 Raisins - a few
 Cardamom powder - 1 pinch
 Ghee - 1 tbsp

Add two cups of water and blend two cups of fresh coconut gratings till it becomes smooth.
Squeeze out the thick milk by passing the smooth coconut paste through a sieve,and keep it separately.

Add two more cups of water to the already squeezed coconut gratings and blend once again.
Squeeze out the second thin milk and keep it separately.

1. Heat 1/2 teaspoon of ghee and roast the Parippu/Split Green Gram dal /Moong dal till it emanates a pleasant aroma.
2. Add 2 cups of water and pressure cook the roasted dal and keep aside.

3. Melt jaggery in one cup of water and filter .
4. Mash the cooked dal and add it to the jaggery water.
5. Cook till it thickens giving out a very  pleasant aroma.

6. Add the thin coconut milk and keep cooking till the Pradhaman thickens.

7. Finally add the thick coconut milk and cook on low flame.  Switch off flame when it is about to boil.
8. Heat the remaining ghee, fry the coconut pieces, cashew nuts and raisins  separately till they turn golden in colour.
9. Mix  the cardamom powder into the Parippu Pradhaman.

10. Garnish with the fried nuts and raisins.

Enjoy the flavoursome and creamy Parippu Pradhaman and celebrate  Ona Sadya.

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GreenComotion said...

Romba nalla recipe.
Thank you!

Peace :)

echelonconsult said...

delicious recipe ...will try cooking at home ...:) thanks Chitra