Sunday, July 14, 2019

Millet Aval Upma - Foxtail Millet Flakes Upma

Beaten Rice has to be presoaked for at least twenty minutes before preparing Aval Upma. Making Aval Upma is very easy even for beginners and it needs very less cooking time. A delicious and highly nutritious Upma can be prepared in a jiffy by using Foxtail Millet Flakes. Wash and season ! That's all ! And a simple Foxtail Millet Aval Upma - virtually a 'two minute'dish - is ready to savour! 

Foxtail Millet Flakes - 2 cups

Sesame oil      -  2 tbsps
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds   -  1/4 tsp
Split Black gram dal - 1/2 tsp
Asafoetida           - 1 pinch
Green chilly        - 1 ( Chopped)
Turmeric powder - 1 pinch
Grated carrot       - 1 cup
Curry leaves        - a few
Salt                      -  3/4 tsp
Juice of 1/2 lime
1. Wash the Millet Flakes two times, drain carefully and keep aside.
2. Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds.
3. When the mustard seeds splutter add cumin seeds and split black gram dal.
4. When the dal turns golden in colour add asafoetida, green chillies and curry leaves followed by grated carrot.
5. Lightly saute the carrot and then add turmeric powder and salt.
6. Add the washed Millet Flakes and stir well.
7. Keep the Upma covered for a few seconds and switch off flame.
The Flakes will soften in its own steam. 

Enjoy the nutritious Foxtail Millet Flakes Upma as it is or with a cup of curd.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mambazha Idly/Mavina Hannina Idly - Ripe Mango Idlies

Mango season is getting over leaving the Mango buffs still wanting more! An overwhelming number of Mango recipes were posted by food bloggers through out the season. Pickles or Puddings, Sambar or Rasayana, Ice cream or Halwa, Lassi or Morkuzhambu,  the versatile King of Fruits - raw or ripe-  could be incorporated in the preparation of multitudes of delicious lip smacking dishes. This season I tried out Idlies with ripe mangoes and it turned out to be a delicious breakfast dish!

Idly Sooji (Cream of rice aka Rice Rava) - 2 cups
Ripe Mangoes (Sweet, pulpy and big) - 3 ( to get three cups or more of pulp)
Salt - 1 pinch
Brown sugar or jaggery powder - 2 tbsps ( Optional)
1. Wash the Idly Sooji and gently drain the water.
2. Soak the washed Idly Sooji in warm water for at least an hour.
3. Cut the mangoes and extract the pulp.
4. Squeeze out the soaked Idly Sooji, add half of the mango pulp and salt, and mix well to make a batter using your clean hand.
5. Allow the mixture to soak for half an hour.
6. The Mango - Idly Sooji batter will become thick.
7. Add the remaining mango pulp and mix it till you get a Idly batter consistency. If you have a hopeless sweet tooth you can mix in the brown sugar or jaggery powder at this stage.
8. Grease the Idly plates or lotas using ghee.
9. Pour a ladle of Mango Idly batter into the greased plates or lotas.
10. Steam for fifteen minutes in a pressure cooker without the weight.

Enjoy the soft, fruity and flavoursome Mambazha Idlies / Mavina Hannina Idlies / Ripe Mango Idlies with ghee, honey, or jam !