Friday, October 16, 2009

Deepawali Sweets - Mundiri Paruppu Nokkal - Sugar Coated Cashew

Deepawali Sweets - Mundiri Paruppu Nokkal - Sugar Coated Cashew

This can not be termed as a wholesome sweet in itself, however Nokkal has its place among the delicacies prepared this season. Put a bowl of Nokkal on the table, and watch it disappear in no time – albeit one by one! Passers by will be tempted and polish it up in no time! Nokkal is nothing but sugar coated or candied cashew nuts which prompt any one to binge. Usually it is stuffed in a cone to make “Paruppu Tengai” which is a must in South Indian weddings.

Whole cashew nuts – 1 cup

Sugar – 1 cup or the same volume as the nuts.
2 tbsps of ghee or oil to roast the nuts

1. Heat ghee / oil in a pan and roast the cashew nuts to an even golden colour and drain.

2. Dissolve sugar in one cup of water and boil.
4. Add a tsp of milk. This will separate out any scum or impurities along the sides of the pan. This should be scooped with a spoon and discarded.

5. Let the sugar syrup reach one thread consistency.

6. Lower the heat and add the roasted cashew nuts to the syrup.
7. Coat the nuts well with the syrup and spread them on a plate.
8. The nuts will start disappearing from the moment they are roasted! If you are still left with some candied nuts store them in air tight containers when cooled.

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lubnakarim06 said...

I can feel the taste by just looking at them...yummy...

Kiran said...

This is one sweet I grew up with but never knew how to make it. My older sister was actually craving it when pregnant and we did not know how to make it for her. Thanks for the recipe

jayasree said...

Delcious sugar coated cashews. Have only seen masala cashews.

Raks said...

Hmm...Yummy,i love cashews and also i love the snacks coated with sugar like this,so double dhamaka for me :)

Happy Diwali to you and your family!

YOSEE said...

WHOA ! You opened a bakshanam factory ,what ! Sweets are rolling out in assembly line ! ....i am not going to make any ; content feasting my eyes on all these lovelies.

Vaishali said...

Dibs, I have been having a virtual feast going through your Diwali sweets posts....gosh, I wish you lived around here so I could run right over! I especially love the chocolate badushah...what a great idea.
Wish you and your family a very, very happy Diwali and a great new year ahead!

Suganya said...

Quick fix dessert. Looks so good. Nice recipe. YUM!

Happy Diwali....

gtyuk said...

yum yum, will disappear in no time, that's sure!!! :):)