Thursday, October 1, 2009

Masa Corn Tortillas &Tomatillo Salsa aka Mexican Corn Rotti and Chutney!

(Mexican Corn Rotti & Spicy Chutney??)
The native Indians followed a unique method to raise their staple food crops. Corn, Fava Beans and Pumpkin which they referred to as “The Three Sisters” were planted and raised together in the fields. The corn plants provided support to the fava bean plants, while they in turn fixed the nitrogen in the soil. The pumpkin crept beneath these plants and kept away the weeds. This method of agriculture is followed by the farmers even to this day.
My son and daughter-in-law are ardent gardeners and the “Three Sisters” have occupied a prominent place in their home garden. The tender and fresh corn cobs, the fava beans with a green oily glaze and the bright yellow blooms of the pumpkin are a feast to the eyes.
The other day my son plucked the tender fresh corn from the garden and he requested me to prepare corn tortillas for dinner. I implicitly followed his directions and ended up with a delicious and sumptuous meal for dinner.
Instant Corn Masa Flour - 2 cups
Salt – ½ tsp
Warm water – as required.
Fresh corn – ½ cup
Frozen corn – 2 tbsps
Minced green chillies – 1 tbsp
1. Mix the corn masa, minced chillies and salt in a bowl.
2. Add the fresh corn and the frozen corn to the flour.
3. Add warm water little by little and knead the flour into a soft dough.
4. Grease a griddle and heat it.
5. Take a ball of dough and pat it into a thin and even tortilla on the griddle.
6. Wet your fingers now and then and evenly spread the dough into a round shape.
7. Dribble oil around and cover and cook tortilla for a few minutes.
8. Remove lid and flip it to the other side and cook for a few more minutes.

A spicy tomatillo salsa prepared by my son was an ideal combination.
Tomatillos are sour fruits which belong to the tomato family. They are green or purple in colour after removing the dry bracts which enclose them. This can be added to the salads but we liked them in the spicy salsa.
Tomatillos – 6
Onion – 1
Garlic – 4 cloves
Tomato – 1
Green chillies - 2 (optional)
Jalapeno- 3
Salt – 1 tsp
lime juice - 2 tsp
fresh herbs of your choice - (optional) a few
Olive Oil – 1 tbsp
Black pepper powder - to taste
METHOD:1. Wash and chop all vegetables into big chunks.
2. Heat a griddle and add the vegetables to the hot griddle and stir well.
3. Lower the flame and cook the vegetables covered, removing the lid to stir now and then.
4. The vegetables will release a pleasant aroma when done.
5. Cool the dry roasted vegetables and blend them coarsely with salt, herbs and lime juice.
6. Add olive oil and blend again.
7. You can garnish the salsa with a pinch of pepper powder for flavour.

Enjoy your Tomatillo salsa with any dish of your choice.

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Dori said...

Sounds so good, the salsa would be enjoyed so much with the fresh corn rotti's :)

Nithya said...

Wow.. yummy :)

YOSEE said...

The American Jolada-rotti looks and sounds delish. !

Cham said...

The masa tortilla and spicy salsa, would be such a nice treat!

Kiran said...

Wow, I made tortillas some years back and haven't attempted since (lost the recipe). Although my version did not have the fresh corn. I love the way you have called it a Mexican rotti and chutney. I myself say this all the time as a lot of the ingredients used are also from an Indian pantry, like the cumin & coriander, not to mention the chillies.

S.R.Ramachandran said...

very healthy item and i enjoyed it very much with salsa. appa

Lakshmi said...

combination sounds tempting..Loved salsa

Ambika said...

Hi Chitra and Dibs, You have such an eclectic range of recipes!! Please accept 'One Lovely Blog Award' from me at my blog! Happy Blogging!

Suganya said...

Nice combo of recipe. Looks so good. YUM!.