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Kadalaekai Parishe (Groundnut Festival) Event Round Up

KADALAEKAI PARISHE @ Chitra Amma's Kitchen

Here is the roundup of the Kadalaekai Parishe Blog Event. We received few entries via blogs as well as Facebook! A big big thanks to all our participants! Check them out below, but only after listening to this song, which can be described as ‘a vintage namma Bengaluru’ song by S. Janaki! It is from a 1970 Rajkumar and Kalpana starrer – Karulina Kare!

Now for the entries....
We had very varied entries and some novel ideas as well! Check out the array below! Yummy!
Kadalekai Parishe Entries!

Tara sent two entries. Here is her healthy Peanutbutter Noodle Salad and a yummy bowl of Kung Pao Tofu with Peanuts, from her blog Finishing with Cilantro.

We received the following 3 recipes on our Facebook Page.
Vidya has sent us her chutney recipe.
Simple Peanut Chutney (Dip).
Ingredients: Peanuts(1cup), 1 big onion chopped, 4 large Dry Red Chillis, 1 Tbs. Tamarind Paste. Salt.

Method: Dry roast peanuts till the skin pops and the nuts are slightly coloured. Set aside to cool. Heat 2 spoons oil in wok, add chopped onions and chillis with a very small pinch of sugar and fry till reddish. Put in blender along with peanuts , tamarind and salt .Grind into thick, pasty chutney. ( with a dash of water if needed) . Sprinkle a garnish of splutted mustard seeds and karipatta ( bayleaves)

A very delicious and classic sambhar recipe from Krithika Ram.

Brinjal and Peanut Samhar

Ingredients: 1 cup tur dhal, 1/4 cup peanuts, tender brinjals 4 slit into 4, tamarind extract-1/4 cup, dry red chillies-4 nos, green chilly-2, coconut grated-1/4 cup, corriander seeds-1tbsp
fenugreek seeds-1/4 tsp, channa dhal-1/tbsp, sambar powder-1/2 tbsp, jaggery-1tsp, oil-1tbsp
mustard-1/2tsp, asafoetida-1/4tsp, turmeric powder-1/2tsp, salt to taste, curry leaves to garnish.
Method: Pressure cook the peanuts and toor dhal till done. Dry roast the corriander, fenugreek,channa dhal,red and green chilly,and finally the coconut. Grind to a fine paste and keep aside. Heat the oil in a deep pan, and add 1/2tsp mustard seeds and the asafoetida.
Add the slit brinjals and saute for a few mins till tender. Now pour the tamarind extract and allow to boil. Add the cooked dhal and peanuts, sambar powder,ground paste and 1/2 cup water, allow to simmer and then add salt to taste and some jaggery. Garnish with fresh curry leaves and serve hot with rice and pappadoms.

Here is Krithika Ram’s second recipe! A delicious podi like this in your kitchen, is so so handy, not only as an accompaniment for various tiffins, but you can just have with rice and ghee when you don’t feel like cooking!
Peanut Chutney PowderIngredients: peanuts-1 cup, channna dhal-1/2 cup, urad dhal-1/2 cup, dessicated coconut-1/4 cup, sesame seeds-1tbsp, dry red chilly-15 nos, small piece of tamarind, curry leaves-1 tbsp, asafoetida-1/2 tsp, salt to taste, jaggery-1tsp, garlic-3 flakes.
Method: Dry roast all ingredients, except the salt and jaggery. Allow to cool, and then grind to a coarse consistency. Finally add the salt to taste, jaggery and further grind the contents, not making it too fine in texture. Store in an airtight container. This can be used as an accompaniment to idli/dosas/as a topping on podi dosas with sesame oil. Make sure you only make a small batch, to retain its freshness, or the fat in the nuts can go rancid.

Here is our own entry for the event - Occhi Kadalaikai!

Few of our older posts on peanuts are Raja’s Special and Kharada Kadalaekai.
Happy munching!

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