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Tanjaavoor Kallichottu Kaapi - Tanjore style thick and strong coffee.

'Coffee Gyaan !
Kallichottu' in Tamil means a drop of thick and milky sap of the cactus plant . A cup of thick coffee  (similar to the thickness of Kallichottu ) prepared with a dash of strong filter coffee and a glass of freshly boiled cow's  milk is thus termed as  'Kallichottu Kaapi' or Degree kaapi. We enjoyed this exotic coffee in all 'Kaapi clubs' in Tanjaavoor district during our tour in South India.
When our neighbor who is a coffee planter gifted us with a bag of coffee beans I decided to roast and grind coffee powder as my grandmother did years ago. The next day as I enjoyed the exotic flavour of the filter coffee prepared using the fresh powder, I remembered that I had not done a post on my favourite Filter Coffee after all these years of blogging ! So here is a post on how I prepared the Tanjaavoor Kallichottu Kaapi / Degree kaapi for my family stating from scratch.
To make the coffee powder I used a blend of 1kg of coffee beans and 100 gms of BRU Roast and Ground Green Label  filter coffee  powder. This adds to the strength and flavour of the blend. 


Coffee Beans

Start roasting the coffee beans in a heavy bottomed kadai on high flame stirring continuously.

Roast in a heavy bottomed kadai


When it starts to change colour reduce flame and keep roasting and stirring continuously.

Colour change

At this stage the seeds will start cracking emitting a very pleasant aroma. Keep roasting and stirring.

Sift in a colander

When the seeds turn dark brown in colour switch off flame and pour the beans into a colander and shake well. This will  prevent the seeds from roasting more in its  own heat, and the burnt husk  also gets separated.

Roasted seeds and BRU

Spread the seeds in a large plate and allow to cool. When the seeds are thoroughly cooled allow them to sit in an airtight box overnight. 
Grind the roasted seeds  into a coarse powder on the next day.

The coffee Blend

Blend the BRU  Roast and Ground Green Label  filter coffee powder together with the freshly ground powder. Store in an airtight container to keep the aroma intact.

Wash and dry the coffee filter. Spread 4 tablespoons of coffee powder evenly inside the filter.

Making filter coffee

Bring water to a boil and pour it gently around the coffee powder till the powder is covered evenly ( about 3/4 cup of boiling water is sufficient) and cover with the lid.

Boiling cow's milk

Boil one tumbler/ lota ( 2 cups ) of fresh organic cow's milk in a small saucepan.

Adding decoction

Reduce flame and pour the fresh decoction from the filter into the milk until the coffee turns golden brown in colour.

Making  foam
Switch off flame and pour the coffee into an ever silver tumbler/ lota in a slow and steady stream to make a foam on top.

Kallichottu Kaapi
Your  tumbler / lota of hot and strong Kallichottu Kaapi / Degree Kaapi is ready!
My family prefers coffee without sugar.You can stir in sugar to taste if needed.
Freshly boiled cow's milk combined with freshly filtered coffee gives the best 'Degree Kaapi' ever.

Coffee Gyaan
Here, I have shared my 'Coffee Gyaan' with you! Enjoy the fresh aroma of coffee and sip the freshly prepared Tanjavoor Kallichottu Kaapi / Degree Kaapi at leisure!

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Unknown said...


in case you happen to travel on the Tindivanam -Chennai highway you would spot a place called Silavattam where an Iyengar gentleman has an outlet for freshly prepared coffee (done in your presence).The shop is known by the name OCIPL Only Coffee Ind.put ltd.)
It simulates the equivalent of what is described here.

Athimber (Neela Venkataraman)

GreenComotion said...

I have heard of the "Kalli Chottu" concept before, but never knew what the recipe was. So, thank you for sharing the recipe with all of us.
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)

Lakshmi said...

That 1 cup of filter kaapi is a dose which we need in the morning! Waking up to the aroma of coffee is bliss!!!