Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Spicy Peanut Butter Spread


Peanut Butter lavishly spread on multi grain bread toasts and berries! This was the breakfast we enjoyed the most during our stay with our son. Once we were back in India we switched over to our traditional Indian breakfast. The flavour and taste of the delicious Peanut Butter still lingers in my memory and some times I even find my taste buds crave for the delicious butter. I satisfied my craving by preparing  a spicy version of Peanut Butter Spread at home. I used Peanuts without husking them, and this gave a nutty flavour to the butter. Peanut Butter when  paired together with sesame oil gives out a heavenly flavour.
Peanuts/ Groundnuts - 2 cups
Sesame oil - 2 tbsps
Salt - 1/2 a pinch
Pepper powder (Optional) - 1/2 pinch
Chilly flakes - 1 pinch
1. Roast the Groundnuts in a heavy bottomed pan on a low flame till they crack.

2. Grind the nuts using a blender.

   3. Stop now and then to stir and push down the powder.

4. Keep blending till the groundnuts turn into a thick paste releasing oil.

5. Add sesame oil little by little till it reaches a smooth and spreadable consistency. Add more oil for a flowing consistency.
6. Add salt, pepper powder and chilly flakes and give it one last swish.
Pour into  a clean and dry jar and store in the refrigerator.
Enjoy the creamy, flavoursome and slightly sweet Peanut Butter Spread with bread toasts, rotis or even dosas.

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