Monday, May 16, 2016

Mango Fruit Ice Candy

The mango tree planted by my mother-in-law's green fingers more than half a century ago is still yielding delicious fruits. The Rasapuri variety is full of sweet 'rasa' (delicious juice) when allowed to ripe naturally. After the raw mangoes were used in pickles and in  every day cooking, the family is ready to tackle the ripe ones now. Eating a ripe Rasapuri mango fruit is in itself an enjoyable experience. But who does not love the delicious mango desserts like Mango Halwa, Mango Lassi, Mango Milk Shake, Mango Ice Cream and MANGO ICE CANDY! With a sudden spurt of inspiration I set the much loved 'long time no eat' Mango Fruit Ice Candy in an ice cube tray. I used only the sweet and fresh 'rasa' of the Rasapuri mangoes to make the ice candy. 

Ripe and sweet mangoes
1. Peel and squeeze out the pulp and juice of the mangoes.
2. Blend the pulp and juice in a mixer till smooth.
3. Spoon the smooth mango blend into each compartment of a pliable plastic ice tray.

4. Freeze overnight.
 My grand children had great fun bending the ice tray backwards to extract their favourite
 Mango Fruit Ice Candies which jumped out onto a plate! 

They picked up the candies one by one and popped them into their mouths and were elated as the sweet chilled fruit cubes rolled on their tongues melting away in their mouths!

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