Monday, February 6, 2017

Arishinada Gojju / Pasum Manjal Gojju - Sweet And Sour Fresh Turmeric Sauce

 Manjal Inji Pisiral is a post Pongal relish I make to use up the Pasum Manjal / fresh turmeric rhizomes which are left over after the festival. This year I was quite excited to try out a unique recipe given to my sister-in-law by her friend from Sirsi. The delicious Arishinada Gojju / fresh turmeric gojju tasted sweet, sour and astringent all at the same time!It was worth trying out this recipe from the Malenadu region of Karnataka.


Fresh turmeric / Hasi Arishina / Pasum Manjal - 1 fat 2 to 3 inch piece
Tamarind - a plum size ball (Soaked till soft)
Jaggery - a plum size piece (Powdered)
Salt - 1/2 tsp
Asafoetida - 1 pinch
Red chilly - 1 big (Broken)
Split black gram dal - 1 tbsp
Sesame seeds - 1 tbsp
Fresh grated coconut - 2 tbsps
Sesame oil - 1 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1 pinch
1. Thoroughly wash the fresh turmeric and pressure cook it like you cook potatoes.
2. Dry roast sesame seeds till they pop and keep aside.
3. Heat a drop of oil and roast the split black gram dal with broken red chilly and asafoetida till you get a pleasant aroma.
4. Grind all the roasted ingredients into a powder. Add coconut gratings and grind again.
5. Peel the pressure cooked fresh turmeric and chop it into slices.

6. Add the chopped turmeric, soaked tamarind, salt and the powdered jaggery to the already powdered spice, and blend all of them together into a smooth paste.

7. Dilute the smooth and thick paste by adding a glass of water.
8. Heat oil in a pan and splutter the mustard seeds.
9. Add the gojju blend to the seasoning and bring it to a boil.

10. Keep stirring till the gojju reaches the required consistency. By adjusting the quantity of water you can make it into a thick turmeric chutney or a slightly thin sauce like gojju.

Enjoy the Arishinada Gojju/ Pasum Manjal Gojju with steaming hot rice. It can also be used as a dip or a spread for various snacks. 

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Loved your presentation i like this recipe thanks for sharing