Thursday, February 15, 2018

Aranellikka / Kirunellikayi Murabba - Star Gooseberries In Sugar Syrup


When I stepped out into the backyard of our ancestral home during my recent visit, I was stunned by the beauty of the heavily laden Star Gooseberry tree. Adorned with an abundance, it virtually rained golden berries forming a golden carpet on the ground as the gentle breeze swept by. It brought back pleasant memories of my childhood when my mother prepared my favourite Aranellikka Murabba using the Star Gooseberries that I meticulously gathered from our garden. I brought back a bagful of Aranellikka / Kirunellikayi on my return trip to Bangalore. Here is how I prepared Aranellikka / Kirunellikayi Murabba with one portion of the berries. I saved the other portion to make pickle.

Star Gooseberries/ Aranellikka / Kirunellikayi - 4 glasses (Lotas)
Sugar - 2 glasses
Water - 2 glasses
1. Remove Aranellikka / Kirunellikayi from the stalk and wash well. 

2. Add sugar to the measured water and set it to boil in a heavy bottomed pan.
3. When the sugar dissolves add the washed Aranellikka / Kirunellikayi and continue to cook.

4. Keep stirring now and then till the syrup turns pink in colour.
5. Cook until the syrup becomes sticky and starts foaming.

6. Remove from stove and allow to cool thoroughly. 
7. Store the syrup coated Star Gooseberries in a clean and dry glass jar.

Pop a Star Gooseberry Murabba into your mouth when ever you have a craving for a sweet-sour treat. If you wish your Murabba to swim in syrup similar to jamoons you may increase the quantity of sugar and water in the recipe.

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