Sunday, March 8, 2020

Jack Fruit Mousse

Days are gradually getting hotter indicating that summer is fast approaching. The occasional thunder storm brings in the aroma of wet mud and also the sweet fruity aroma of the tropical fruits. Just the other day my brother shared with us the first Jack fruit of the season freshly harvested from his garden.The ripe fruit was very sweet and juicy emanating a heavenly aroma. ' Unda Mavu, Hasida Halasu ' is a saying in Kannada which means a mango should be relished after a meal and jack fruit needs to be savoured only when hungry. Jack fruit is a highly nutritious fruit with high fiber content, hence it takes a longer time to digest. Relishing it with honey helps in easy digestion. We enjoyed the fruit well before our meal. And who could refuse the delicious 'Jill' Jack Fruit Mousse prepared and served as a dessert by my dear sister?! ( Jill - means chilled in Tamil)
Recipe and Preparation - By Vidya Murali

Jack fruit bulbs ( ripe and juicy) - 2 cups
Milk or Almond milk or Soy milk - 1/4 cup
Chia seeds - for topping
1. Remove seeds and blend the Jack fruit bulbs into a smooth puree.
2. Add thick milk and blend it again till it becomes fluffy.
3. Pour into a dessert bowl and sprinkle chia seeds.

 4. Chill .

Enjoy the 'Jill' Jack Fruit Mousse and celebrate the flavour of summer ! 
( The fruit was so tender, juicy and sweet that it did not need any sweetening or cooking. Milk can be added as required so that the blend obtains a custard like consistency before chilling.)

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Roaming owls said...

We try lots of jackfruit recipes as we get so many from our farm in season. BUT this is unique, never tried to put it in a blender. Will surely try it!